Top 10 Best Automatic Watches Under 100 in 2017 Reviews

Are you still using mechanical or old fashioned watches? Did you know that those are old brands with less efficiency? Of late we have watches which are less complicated but more accurate. These watches are everywhere but my worry is that many of us don’t know which is best among the latest brands. Now I bring you best watches, no more worry or even struggle, avoid con men in various markets. Get yourself a very nice but cheap chronometer under $100.

10. Double Wood watch

Double Wood watch
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It is a Fine solid construction which comprises of a hand polished to facilitate high gloss finish. Reel has storage accommodations for those extra three watches that have a quality lock mechanism which usually keep your watches safe. This timer operates under Computer controlled timer which allows smooth winding. The chronometer base is made to rotate so as to allow cheap access to your smooth watches that have controllable retention cushions which accommodate both genders.

9. Versa Single Watch

Versa Single Watch
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Here is our latest and improved make that comes with the quality that others have failed to have. Burlwood veneer finishes with clear cover for protection from dust or water drops. It contains timer winder which contains 3 settings. That is; clockwise, counter-clockwise bi-directional making several movements on selected settings. Efficiency of this device is high, due to high-quality Japanese technology used. There is a switch to put off lights.

8. Diplomat Black satch

Diplomat Black satch
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This is a single automated timer reel which has a compact size. It comprises of clockwise, counter clockwise rotation; built-in smart IC timer with a silent Motor. This device can Work with any type of bracelet or any other clasp style watch. It has been loaded to adjust to any size. It is black in color with a 110V adapter. This item has a flat base that can be comfortably placed on a table or any other place of choice.

7. Diplomat 31-497 Matte

Diplomat 31-497 Matte
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This brand comprises of two watches on its own individual motor. It is black in color with a black smooth Finish winder. There is clockwise, auto swap or counter-clockwise rotations which enable this chronometer to give accurate time. Another component which makes this device more effective with computerized nature it has. Has four different program settings. Has 1 Year Warranty.

6. Single wooden watch

Single wooden watch
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Kendal quality wooden make which has advanced controls. It has a very smart wooden surface which highly attracts customers. Its performance is very high but at the same time, accurate. This smart product can be used be used by both genders. It is made in a way that it can fit or be slightly large. Operations are aided by a turbine that runs on 2 AA or with AC adapter. Dimension is 6″ wide x 6″ deep x 6″ high.

5. Automatic Single Watch Winder

Automatic Single Watch Winder
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This is a newly upgraded product with Sliding Cover. It comprises of Mabuchi turbine setups for better quality. Winds may directions, that is clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional. Has a rotation that keeps on repeating while the timer reel is on. The machine has been programmed not to rotate continuously because that is what will overwind your watch.

4. JQUEEN Double watches winder

JQUEEN Double watches winder
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It is easy to operate but looks very nice chronometer winder jalopy has three direction setups (clockwise, counter-clockwise, alternating0 with multiple rotations which vary with daily settings. Use of acrylic glass enhances environmental piano lacquer for transmission using copper plugins. This device is durable requires no maintenance cost.

3. CHIYODA Quiet Motor wood winder

CHIYODA Quiet Motor wood winder
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It has two Knobs-100% Handmade solid wooden box, Deluxe piano baking varnished, high-glass ebony grain finish case has elegant look which attracts many. Noise-isolating upgraded components reduce any disappointing sound. Japan Mabuchi turbine inside is long lasting, very silent when running. There are two knobs control, with others directions which are; clockwise, counterclockwise. Both can be set to match more watches at same time.

2. Versa double Watch winder

Versa double Watch winder
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It is a new product in the market and the good thing about it is that it has been made to let any user down while using it. When you have it on your hands, then you are sure that people have to get to know how classy and expensive you are. What you need to do is to make things right by making the best choice.

1. Versa Single Watch winder

Versa Single Watch winder
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Versa has rose the ranks and become the best-selling device out there in our stores. Using only quality parts such as Japanese motors with custom made gearboxes which reduce any noise level. Design of the timer has been tested, cannot cause harm to your expensive automated watch. Each part is precisely designed, tooled by machine then hand assembled for exact fit finish.

Here you have better watches under 100, make a good choice, move out to our stores and place that long awaited order. They are also lasting so that you will have them with you for a longer duration of time unlike many others out there. Make a better and right choice with us.

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